Essay Sample Bell Jar: Journey of a woman to freedom

Life is beautiful. This statement is propagated and advertised at various places through various media until we find out that life is totally different to what we perceive and experience. Bell Jar is one such story of Esther, a small town girl, comes to New York on a scholarship. The novel travels through the depressive mind state of Esther who is not happy with her life though other girls envy of becoming like her. Mental stability and peace is an important factor in human’s life which is observed in Esther’s case as she is unable to concentrate on her goal and is not clear what her ambition is? The author, Sylvia Plath, takes the story to another level which normally follows depression i.e. suicide. The author has made an honest attempt to bring forward the plight of woman during early 1950s when they were viewed as objects limited to the role of marriage and mother. Esther suppresses her dream of becoming a poem writer because neither her boyfriend nor mother supports her dream and demoralize her by imposing their wishes on her.

The world looks bleak for Esther, who is without support and attempts to suicide numerous times, finally landing in mental hospital receiving shock treatments which makes her more violent. The author makes an attempt to state that love is the best medicine to heal a person suffering from internal forces. Esther’s mother Mrs. Greenwood, her boyfriend Buddy do not help her but criticize her but the love and care she receives from Dr. Nolan who helps her to come out of depression, advises her to follow her dream and tells her every right thing which makes Esther feel pure and free from uneasiness that had engulfed her by the metaphorical Bell Jar. Plath seems to make a statement that this metaphorical bell jar covers almost every human being but one has to look out of it to achieve their dream. But, cautions that insecurity remains because world offers serious problems from various corners and it depends on us to overcome the problems i.e. bell jar.


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Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin Essay Sample

Arundel Tomb by Philip Larkin

An Arundel Tomb is one of the most interesting poems by Philip Larkin. Published in 1964, the poem has since received an array of criticism. In particular, most critics have had different view points on the main themes of the poem. Nevertheless, love remains one of the significant themes that come out strongly in the poem.

Although other underlying themes such as passage of time, immortality, and fear of death among others cannot be underrated, the theme of love is strongly inherent in Arundel Tomb. In fact, Larkin seems to prove that love survives life, either in real or at least in virtual terms (Gilroy 76). The poet’s emphasizes and hints on the importance of love in various lines and stanzas.

The poem begins with an overview of the sculptor upon which the poem is based; identifying a few indistinct features about the couple. Larkin uses words such as ‘vaguely’ and ‘blurred’ to express such differences (Chatterjee 326). The feeling that comes from Larkin’s description is the stiff contemporary emotions about love so that it appears as a shock that the couple are holding hands. Larkin calls it a ‘tender shock’ suggesting that it is quite pleasing (Chatterjee 326).

In the third stanza, Larkin seems to hint on the timelessness of love. As the years elapse, people come ‘to look’ at the statues and not ‘to read’ the Latin inscriptions below them as the artist perhaps intended. Therefore, what survives of the sculptors is their love -symbolized by the ‘undated snow’ (Gilroy 77).

The final line, ‘what will survive of us is love’ further emphasizes the significance of the theme of love in the poem (Chatterjee 327). In fact, the use of ‘almost’ in the second last line, suggest that love is not definitely true to the poet. His understanding of love is limited, and the faith that could lead to such love remains unattainable. Therefore, love remains an important theme in the poem and further research is needed to define what love really is with respect to Larkin’s assertions.

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Arms and the Man Essay Sample

Class and Social issues in Arms and the Man

In the play Arms and the Man written by George Bernard Shaw, there is a strong demonstration of class distinctions. It is clearly evident that the author, a renowned socialist, harbors a lot of concern as far as class and social issues are concerned. Instead of bringing the awareness to the readers about such notions through direct mentioning, he opts for dialogue and cues to lay bare the elements within the setting. The play has a lot of relevance in the context of modern society as it shows that nothing good comes out of war.

The play was written during the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. The heroine of the play, Raina, is a young beautiful Bulgarian lady engaged to one of the war heroes named Sergius Saranoff. Raina is portrayed as a lady who patiently waited for her fiancé to come home from the war thus dreamily fantasizes about Saranoff’s unique military uniform and the heroic deeds. The realities of Serbo-Bulgarian War dawned on her when a deserting enemy troop entered her bedroom in a desperate bid to escape capture. Although the end of this war culminated into a shift in political background to a more peaceful environment, there was no meaningful friendly co-existence thereafter as people realized that the new dispensation was no better than the old order.

The main themes of the play concern glorification of war, stratification of social classes and weaknesses of romanticized love. As mentioned by Smith (2011), the author has shown that core to the establishment of a just society, fundamental reforms should come from empowering individuals with education and instituting radical changes in regard to intellectual and political life as opposed to revolutionary reactions. Therefore, by writing the play, Shaw targets the false prophets of societal class. The literary piece is arguably a true call to end dominance that barricades meaningful purpose in human life by pilling up blocks to truth and justice.


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Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra Essay Sample

Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra Essay Sample

Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra demonstrates the turmoil of love and politics; resulting in an untimely death for both Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. From the beginning it is evident that the relationship between Mark Anthony and Cleopatra is controversial. Mark Anthony is primarily conflicted by his love for Cleopatra and his duties ruling the Roman Empire. Yet his love for Cleopatra is demonstrated as he takes his own life to be with her in the afterlife.

Mark Anthony is one of the rulers of Rome and Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt. Both come from different cultures and regions of the world. Although the year this story is set in is never provided; strong differentiations are evident between Eastern and Western cultures. The period is further thought to be a contributor to the pressures that Cleopatra and Mark Anthony face. This is exemplified in the statement, “the vast containing opposites of Rome and Egypt, the World and the Flesh” (Stewart 2007 p. 21). Thus, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony live in two separate worlds that would not fully accept their relationship. Furthermore, it is questionable if the love sustained between Cleopatra and Anthony could survive the cultural differences. This is evident as Mark Anthony worries that the “strong Egyptian fetters I must break, Or lose myself in dotage” (Shakespeare 1969 p. 14).

Despite the cultural inabilities to accept their relationship Mark Anthony and Cleopatra become involved with each other. They exhibit high levels of passion. Despite this passion, there is an overall lack of trust between the lovers.

Throughout the story, the roles of both Cleopatra and Mark Anthony differ. This is further exemplified through their deaths. Although both committed suicide; the manner in which they die in what is considered to be a noble death differs. Mark Anthony kills himself with a sword; when he believes Cleopatra has died. Cleopatra uses a poisonous snake. Despite these differences; the love between then remains. The story concludes with the lovers being buried next to each other.


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Negative Effects of Terrorism Essay Example


Essay Sample: Negative effects of terrorism

Terrorism is an aggressive operation in which an individual or individuals generate trepidation amongst individuals with the purpose of receiving an obligatory claim. The action is extremely sadistic and is conscientious for the deaths of countless citizens. In addition, the act has numerous unconstructive effects to the community. This paper discuses terrorism and its downbeat effects in the modern day society.

The effects of intimidation in the social arrangement are miscellaneous and depressing. They include, panic, hostilities, misery, economic problems and death. In many countries, the act of terrorism has rendered many citizens unfortunate. This is because when the act of terrorism occurs there are scores of people who misplace properties. This is because whilst an avant-garde bombs him or herself countless properties are damaged. The properties misplaced generate numerous financial difficulties in the society and primarily an individual who is affected.

The violent act also causes a lot of panic since people cannot associate straightforwardly with others owing to apprehension. This in return is causing many problems since individuals prefer to stay away from others hence deadening the economic activity in their respective countries. The violent act also generates many miseries in the affected people. This is due to the lives lost in the affected families and the fear created in them which results to economic tribulations. The ultimate and most overwhelming part of the act is the number of lives that are lost. Many citizens pass away per annum from this type of violent behavior.

In conclusion, the act of terrorism is harmful. Even though it is being widely practiced in the world, it is causing a lot of destruction and therefore appropriate measures should be taken to discontinue it. The killing of terrorist masterminds in the world is also creating good quality surroundings in which people can labor and correlate freely with others.

My Arkansas by Maya Angelou Essay Sample

My Arkansas by Maya Angelou Essay Example

“My Arkansas” is a poem that was authored by Maya Angelou. Angelou, who is also the speaker, grew up as a kid with her grandmother in a rural isolated region of Arkansas. The poem talks about her memory regarding an old Arkansas typified by a struggle to a new wave of equality among people of all races. Several decades ago, racial bias against African-Americans was rife in Arkansas. It occurred on a daily basis. Sadly, still to this day, a severe darkness still exists in Arkansas. It is stuck in the past since racial bias is so far predominant (Bookaddict4real, 2011).

The speaker discusses about past crimes and discrimination which happened against African- Americans. The poem provides a glimpse of what it looked like for African-Americans living during those days in this state. For those who lived in Arkansas at that time, it is clear that their human rights were grossly violated. Just to give one example, in order to infuse fear into their colleagues’ hearts, they were hanged from trees. Therefore the speaker chose to expose the crimes and bias against the African-Americans in form of a poem (Bookaddict4real, 2011).

The speaker uses general symbolism as well as historical allusion to make the subject matter of the poem apparent and lively to the reader. Moss pending from the poplar plants refers to the killings that occurred in old Arkansas (Bookaddict4real, 2011). Red symbolizes the blood of African-Americans who passed on (Bookaddict4real, 2011). The past crimes still haunt the perpetrators who have not yet vanished. “This day is yet to come in the state” means that the state is stuck in the past (Bookaddict4real, 2011). That is because it has not yet resolved its racial tensions and inequality. From this poem, it is apparent that African -Americans have suffered greatly to get to where they are today as a race.


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